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Use YKK zippers for fashionable durability in every zipper application.

Suggested Uses: A strong, fashionable zipper when true strength is needed. Jacket, jeans and slacks repairs. Accessories such as messenger bags or make-up cases. Heavy-use projects such as upholstery.

YKK® Zippers

The best made zippers in the world, made widely available for home use by American & Efird. YKK is the brand behind a wide range of zippers, you probably use everyday—when you zip up your jacket against the cold or unzip your bag to find your keys. YKK’s wide variety of products ensures you can find the right zipper for your sewing and project needs.

Ziplon -- Light, soft and flexible knitted polyester tape structure makes this zipper ideal for children’s clothing, skirts, dresses and slacks.

Beulon -- A&E’s advanced technology has resulted in a thread with enhanced colorfastness and UV resistance.

Beulon Formal Fashions – Similar to the Beulon zipper, but the tape is thinner, almost sheer. Ideal for very lightweight fabrics such as satin, silk and taffeta, and for making bustiers, princess-seamed bodice-style tops, flowing dresses and skirts.

Fastrak -- The special bottom stop design of this zipper makes it easier to align for zipping and unzipping ski jackets and vests, fleece and outdoor jackets. Ideal for young children and adults who have limited finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination or mobility skills.

Unique -- This style zipper disappears and becomes invisible from the ‘show side’ of the fabric. Great for bridal, prom and other formal wear, dresses, dress slacks, skirts, blouses, velvets and home décor.

Designer Accents -- With a wider tape providing more material to work with during sewing, this is the easiest zipper to install. Large opening of zipper pull allows for adding a fabric or jewelry bangle for a fashion accent.

Decorative Fashion -- Teardrop style fashion pull in both brass and silver with matching zipper teeth make this functional zipper a fashion accent too!

Brastique -- Small donut style pull in an antique brass looking finish with matching zipper teeth make this a great choice for totes, jackets and outerwear with a fashion statement.

Vislon -- Sturdy and durable, Vislon zippers are ideal for luggage, duffle bags, backpacks, camping gear, winter outerwear, ski wear.