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Perma Core QE has the lasting quality inside and out that you want in your quilts.

Use Perma Core QE in your next quilting project and experience the difference in your quilting stitches.

Weight: 40

Fiber Content: Polyester Core Spun

Recommended Needle size: 90/14

Uses: Quilting at any skill level, home décor projects, highly tailored sewing projects.

Perma Core® Quilter’s Edition Thread

Perma Core QE is a premium core spun sewing thread manufactured in the U.S. A. with continuous filament polyester core and polyester staple wrap.

In Perma Core QE, A&E has created a much cleaner thread appearance, while at the same time removing shrinkage and reducing the elongation of the thread. This adaptation subsequently increases the modulus, or resistance, of the thread to stretch.

Choose Perma Core QE for your quilting projects. The consistency of this thread helps provide consistency in your quilt no matter how many hands are working, resulting in a beautiful, useful quilt that can be used year after year, generation after generation.

Why choose Perma Core® over other quilting threads?

Perma Core thread was developed to create a higher-performance - more visually appealing thread for sewing quilting applications.

The thread structure is aimed at solving issues commonly encountered in the craft - Particularly the puckering of seams.

Reduction of the hairiness of the thread - Minimizes linting and improves consistency of thread tensions during sewing and quilting.

Perma Core is available in a variety of 54 beautiful colors.

Perma Core's vibrant colors are long-lasting and sure to leave your quilt looking gorgeous wash after wash.

Ideal for quilting by hand and on short and long arm machines, Perma Core thread is exceptionally strong, durable, and abrasion resistant. This reduces both puckering and linting while improving the consistency of the thread tensions.

With 3,000 yards per cone, there is more than enough thread to complete a king size quilt!

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