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Intressa™ premium all purpose thread is designed to let your creativity run wild in 150 stunning colors.

Weight: 40

Fiber Content: Polyester Core Spun

Recommended Needle size: 80/12

Uses: Upcycle fashioning, general purpose sewing, crafting, embroidery, home décor projects, basic construction, repair, costume construction, and fashion.

Intressa® Sewing Thread

Available to you the beginning of 2013, Intressa® is a new polyester core spun sewing thread made by A&E using the latest technology in fiber formation, spinning and dyeing. Intressa offers improved strength, colorfastness and dimensional stability over other sewing threads. It’s UV-resistant, giving the thread long lasting color.

Intressa thread is a U.S.-produced premium sewing thread with performance characteristics and versatility—making it just right as an all-purpose thread for a wide range of home sewing and crafting applications.

Sewing with Intressa results in a smooth, beautiful, long-lasting stitch that will exceed the expectations of any sewing enthusiast looking for quality and creativity in a sewing product.

It is fine enough for detailed decorative projects yet well suited for medium to heavyweight fabrics including upholstery, canvas, denim, linen, wool, and corduroy. Intressa can be used for sewing doll dresses, window treatments, pillows, and heavy duty quilting and serging. It’s even laundry-safe!

What makes Intressa® different from other sewing threads?

Intressa® offers 150 dazzling colors, including the 25 best-selling colors, basics, seasonal colors complimenting holiday themes, as well as a selection of contemporary colors that coordinate with today’s fabrics and latest trends, including neon.

A&E’s advanced technology has resulted in a thread with enhanced colorfastness and UV resistance. Its smooth, even stiches enhance the bright and gorgeous color.

As a premium sewing thread, Intressa® has a higher break strength that can compensate for more stress on the seam and ensures better seam longevity and wash-and-wear properties. Its innovative core structure is stronger than standard polyester threads.

Intressa® is 600 yards wound on a mini-king snap end spool that works exceptionally well on today’s home sewing machines, with no adaptor needed. The new label ensures you can always identify the product name and number. Snap-style spool base secures the thread end neatly for storage.

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